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Wei Zhang New Director of the Town Planning and Development Branch for NREMA

In response to Wei Zhang’s presentation on “New Trends in Town Planning” at a National Real Estate Managers’ Alliance (NREMA) meeting in China, Zhang has been given the prestigious role of Director of the Town Planning and Development Branch for the organization. He was also charged with organizing NREMA’s first North American branch. He will be the President of the new branch.

NREMA is one of the largest and most influential organizations in China for real estate-related professionals including developers, investors, financial institutions and other real estate stakeholders. The organization focuses on business investment and academic research, creating thriving communities worldwide, and hosting conferences in the field of real estate development. It is establishing the North American branch as a liaison for enhancing real estate development and investment activities between the US and China.

Wei Zhang is the managing director of Winson Investment LLC and the principal architect of BDCL Design International Ltd., an architectural firm based in Beijing with a strong presence in Seattle, WA and Vancouver B.C. His approach to town planning includes creating architecture rooted to a region’s culture.

Published Date

December 6, 2014


Team News


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