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Wei Zhang & NREMA Build A Bridge For Real Estate Ventures Between China & The U.S.

On May 3, 2015, NREMA (National Real Estate Manager’s Association) Business School’s first North American branch –NREMA (United States) Business School was officially established in Seattle, Washington, United States.

The establishment of NREMA (U.S.) Business School marked the successful international expansion into North America. The U.S. real estate market is one of the biggest in the world so it is a significant step in helping more real estate companies in China get connected to the U.S. market. NREMA (U.S.) business school is a bridge to encourage real estate investment activities between the two largest real estate markets in the world. It is a platform for Sino-US real estate managers to exchange ideas and practices through integration of intelligence and professional resources, and it serves as a channel to share experiences and to learn from each other.

Mr. Leyu Yang, Executive Chairman of NREMA and President of the NREMA Business School (right) is authorizing Mr. Wei Zhang (left) as the Executive President of NREMA (U.S.) Business School.

Wei Zhang hosted almost 20 Chinese industry leaders for a seven days study event in Seattle and Portland. The members met with high ranking government officials and also renowned city and campus planners. NREMA organized this tour to study different real estate development models in the United States and to investigate related investment opportunities. Some events included visiting science and technology parks, corporate headquarters, renovated buildings, schools, and introducing business partners and government officials. After this tour, we are confident that the members now have a deeper understanding of the real estate market in the United States and its future planning.

Group picture of NREMA member’s May tour to Seattle.

We want to take this great opportunity to build a strong and long-term Sino-US real estate partnership, make use of this platform to learn from each other, exchange ideas and experience, and co-operate to explore opportunities for real estate investment. We look forward to continuing to share our experience and the extensive network of professional resources that we have developed through the years and supported by our long history of successful real estate investment and architectural design.

Published Date

May 18, 2015


Business Update


Carole Hui